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SFAN partners with corporates, international development agencies, governments, charitable foundations, and individuals to unlock the potential of young people and create a global community of innovators. Our goal is to assemble a critical mass of collaborators to drive distinctive, scalable innovation in youth employment, entrepreneurship, and education. We believe that investment in young people is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do, and the time is now!

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If you're a high-potential young leader looking to level up and fast-track your career journey, visit our education page or call +233 (030) 280 2935.


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Build a team that’s more agile, more self-sufficient, and reduce onboarding time by up to 50% while retaining employees with more than 90% efficiency.


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We work with industry-leading experts and brands to develop an experiential education that unlocks the potential of Africa’s young geniuses.


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Your giving can help young African geniuses to launch fulfilling careers in high-growth companies. Join us to transform the lives of these young people.

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We’d love to hear from you for partnerships, sponsorship discussions, recruitment engagements, compliments, and general business inquiries. Click on the link below to locate the Google map to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process like?

First, you must choose your track and apply here on the ReadyforWork website. You are advised to set a block of time for the assessment, which takes about 60 minutes. We will invite you for an onboarding interview if you pass the summative assessment. If you live in Ghana, that'll be a face-to-face interview. If you live outside of Ghana, you can join via Zoom. After the interview, you will receive our final selection decision.

If I'm selected, what should I expect?

Being selected to join ReadyforWork means you will be solving real business challenges. The program is intensive, so you need to plan to commit at least 15 hours weekly to your coursework. You will also need a laptop and stable internet. However, you can always come to our campus and learn from the digital classroom.

If I'm not selected, can I reapply in the future?

Yes, you can definitely reapply. We review applications for candidates' suitability for our program, so we often accept <1% of applicants per cohort.

How long does the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator last?

Cumulatively, the RFWCA program lasts for six weeks. After the six weeks of intensive career coaching bootcamp, we open up the platform for our employer partners to connect with leaders that meet their criteria for jobs, internships, contract gigs, etc.

Will I get a job after participating in the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator?

We partner with corporates and high-growth startups to curate the RFW accelerator. After the six-week intensive bootcamp, our industry partners provide RFW leaders with paid internship,job or apprentice opportunities. While we provide these opportunities to all ReadyforWork leaders, we can not guarantee who gets a slot, as the program is competitive and merit-based.

How much does the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator program cost?

The total cost of participating in the RFWCA is ¢2,500. This fee is payable upon securing a job placement. Even at that, we also have payment plans to ensure that reimbursement is not a burden on your earning. If a candidate does not secure a job interview within six months of graduating from RFW, then it's free for life.

Who can apply to participate in the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator?

The program is open to high potential University graduates, entry-level job seekers, early-stage career professionals, and folks looking to either change jobs or re-enter the workforce. If you are still in school and wish to join ReadyforWork, you must already be at the tail end of your degree course and available to commit to the program.

Will I get a certificate after the program?

Most definitely! Leaders that finish the program successfully will receive a certificate of completion and a complementary graphic resume. It is important to note that leaders could be expelled if they breach the RFW Code of Conduct or Privacy Policy. Please only apply if you see the program’s value and are ready to abide by our simple policies.

Get education that works

We used to learn to do our work, but learning has become the work we do today. Set yourself up for success with in-demand digital skills that help you stand out in today's highly competitive job. Fast-track your career with valuable insights and coach support from industry leaders. Our framework provides a cheaper, leaner, and faster way for upskilling.

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Resumes are becoming increasingly unreliable as an instrument for matching talents to jobs because many candidates lie on their resumes. Make data-driven, skills-based hiring decisions and get better results at less than 50% of the cost. Hire the best talent across the continent and beyond and create a reliable, top-rated talent pipeline at a fraction of the cost.

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ReadyforWork is an immersive career accelerator that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help entry-level job seekers upskill and future-proof their careers with in-demand digital skills or launch their startups, and gives businesses access to diverse, less-expensive emerging talent pipelines.

King Solomon’s Heights

26, Mango Street, Accra, Ghana

(+233) 030 280 2935


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